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I’m Jealous

I’m Jealous

Here’s why…

You may have seen this already. After all, it’s got over 270 million views.

But it’s a perfect example of what I preach to you, to strive to connect emotionally with your listeners.

Watch. Even if you’ve seen it before, watch again:

It’s not that the song doesn’t have power.

It’s not that he doesn’t sing it well.

But it’s the story behind his choosing to sing that song that makes it overwhelming.

That he was vulnerable enough to share his personal connection to the words made each one more moving.

It takes courage to reveal the real you to thousands of strangers listening. Real courage.

But only by doing that, by allowing listeners to come close enough to see your heart, will you ever become irreplaceable to them.

I hope you find the courage to try.

I am here to help you if you ask.