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If You Don’t Know Why You’re Going

If You Don’t Know Why You’re Going

Wait…why or where?


Well, the saying is, “If you don’t know where you’re going any road will take you there.”

Think about how it changes if it says, “If you don’t know WHY you’re going...”

If you don’t have a purpose, a reason to be doing what you’re doing, how will you know when you’ve succeeded?

If your station doesn’t have a purpose, a reason for people to listen and remember you every day, aren’t you missing a big opportunity to build loyalty and passion?

How many of those who work at your station could answer this question quickly: “Our station’s purpose is _________”

Can your managers? Can your programmers? Can your sales department, your receptionist (if you still have one), your air talent…?

If you can’t answer it easily, how do you expect your listeners to know why they should listen?

First articulate WHY.

Then plot your course to WHERE, where you cross the finish line of success.

What does that look like for your station? What does it look like for you?? What does it sound like, every time someone is listening?

Is that enough to drive you to create something totally unique and irreplaceable?

If not, why are you wasting your talent being ordinary?