If The Russians Could Figure It Out

Why can’t your station?


Few radio stations have a real marketing budget today. Real marketing meaning sustained mass marketing on TV.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t market your station and grow your cume.

Read THIS.

And think about how Russia used Facebook and Twitter to influence not only our Presidential election in 2016, but our own behavior.

It might help you to watch this:

Someone in your organization should be thinking really hard about all this because it can allow you to find potential listeners and feed individualized messages to them that will lead them to an emotional connection with your brand.

Obviously, that means you need to have a very clear brand message.

Your station has to stand for something, something unique and easy to articulate, something that makes listeners feel passionately about you.

Safe and bland — trying not to offend anyone — is not the path to passion.

Russia proved you don’t have to spend millions of dollars to build a tribe.

We can no longer pretend we can’t market our product.