If Not For The Perfect Stranger

Love this!

One of the coolest things about my work is the amazingly talented people I’ve been blessed to work with over the years.

One such talent is Steve Alexander, who was a news anchor for me when KIMN was at its greatest, and also at KHOW and KPKE. He’s worked in Chicago for years now, and he has the gift for story-telling. Always has.

Steve and co-editor Diane Montiel have published a book filled with true stories, most unreported, from the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing just about a year ago.

He sent me an advance copy, which you see here, and it is wonderful!


Here’s THE LINK to the book’s website.

I can’t imagine anyone reading this and not loving it, not feeling the emotion these stories carry.

We are surrounded by good people, but it never hurts to remind ourselves of that.