I Trust You

Do you trust me?


Christians scared of Muslims. Muslims scared of Jews. Jews scared of all because of history.

White men scared of black men. Black men scared of cops.

Cops scared of many of us simply because they don’t know if we’re about to use one of the 350 million guns in our country to take their life. Justified paranoia: it keeps them alive most days.

Conservatives scared of gay marriage and immigrants. Progressives scared of Trump and losing hard-won rights.

We are a mess, aren’t we?

Maybe we should try something different…

I share this video with you because it’s beautiful.

My niece, the opera singer, is a friend of Karim’s. He sang at her wedding, which I was honored to attend.

If this speaks to you, please share it because it’s the Season of Giving.

We’re about to celebrate the birth of Christ, the greatest gift of all.

Ironically, don’t you think, the two phrases most uttered by Jesus were, “Fear not” and “Love others as you love yourself.”

Almost like he was speaking to us right now…

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