I’m On Hold


Call any company. See for yourself. You will be put on hold. Hold is the norm when calling anyone today.

I can understand — though still not approve of — banks and engineering and software firms using a bland, generic muzak experience as they leave you in electronic purgatory, but I have no idea why radio stations would.

If you can’t afford an actual human experience when someone calls your station, it’s time to turn off the lights and walk away.

Whether you have a live voice or a recording, why wouldn’t you use these interactions as an opportunity to brand your station as more than just a music box?

Why wouldn’t you use your biggest personalities as greeters?

You think it wouldn’t impress the average person to be greeted by Ryan Seacrest?

Why not spend the time on hold to entertain and delight by creating your own unique, funny parody of what we all usually experience?

It’s pure laziness, isn’t it?


We’re in “show business,” remember?