I Hear A Symphony

Do you?


I love symphonies. I think my parents instilled this in me when I was very young.

Here, watch THIS:

This is a wonderful symphony because it highlights the impact of so many instruments. You hear them individually and you become aware that without even one or two them, the music would be less fulfilling.
The first thing you’ll notice is the orchestra is overwhelmingly white older men. The ones I attend now in Colorado are at least 50% female, younger overall, and principal musicians are often minorities, especially Asian.
It doesn’t matter how skillful, how well trained, how charismatic the conductor is if the musicians suck.
It doesn’t matter how skillful, how well trained the musicians are if the sheet music they are playing sucks.
Each member of the orchestra has a specific role and time to play. Imagine the chaos if the bassoon player decided he wanted to continue after his/her part is over.
I think there are lessons for Radio here.
If you think of each 10 or 15 minutes on your station as a symphony, the questions you need to address are:
1. PDs: Is the spoken content worth my attention? Is it pleasing, is it memorable, or is it drivel anyone could write?
2. AIR TALENT: Are you capable of delivering a great listening experience? Do you know your part? Have you prepared and practiced your part to perfection? Are you content playing only your part and not needing to play when you’re not needed?
3. GMs: Is your conductor/director skilled and knowledgeable enough to coax the very best performance out of the talent?
A great symphony concert is more than the sum of its parts, and even the tiniest instrument makes a difference.
And it’s the same for your radio station.