I Double Dare You

Do you accept?


Greatness is never an accident.

You have to have courage to be great at anything.

You have to be willing to endure spectacular failure, ignore the taunts and the finger-pointing critics, rise up, and try again.

And if you do achieve greatness, you have to know more will always be expected of you: more work, harder work, bigger risks, even greater failure.

Do you dare to be great?

I dare you to be great today because if you are, it will be harder to coast tomorrow.

I dare you to move me to tears because once you do, I won’t settle for liners ever again.

I dare you to be truly vulnerable with me, because it might change the way I think of you. You don’t control that. I do.

I dare you to surprise me, to push me out of my comfort zone, my low expectations, because once you do, everyone in your station will notice and wonder what’s come over you.

I dare you to respect the opportunity you’ve been given by preparing so thoroughly, each and every day, that you shame all others who claim the title, “Air Talent.”

I dare you to test yourself, to see if you really can be the best ever because in the attempt you may have to confront a harsh reality.

I dare you to stop making excuses for why you can’t and focus solely on why you can.

I dare you to be great. Right now. Right here. Not good. Great!

In fact, I double dare you.