I Am Thankful

Gratitude is always good

I have so much for which to be thankful this year.

  • For Shannon’s health, and the miracle we received this year
  • For Shannon’s love, which is constant and true
  • For Shannon’s never-ending support and belief in me
  • For Chad’s safe passage, twice, to and from South America
  • For Chad’s health, and his discipline in caring for his Type 1 diabetes
  • For Chad’s presence here at home again with us, his determination and optimism, his helpfulness, and his wonderful sense of humor
  • For the health and mental acuity of both of my parents
  • For Cheryl and Dan, who found such a wonderful place for my mom
  • For Hao, who takes such patient care of my dad, willingly, lovingly
  • For Richie and Traci and Ava, who encourage, and support, and share
  • For Ellie and Don and Dan, who accept, and pray, and hope
  • For Lisa and Filip, Charlie and Noelle, who include my mom so often in their lives
  • For Krissy, who visited, and whose heart is so pure and loving
  • For my health, for my friends who care about me, check on me, accept me, support me (you know who you are and you’re more important to me than I ever express)
  • For my birth as an American, which has bestowed so many advantages upon me
  • For being raised in Malaysia and Singapore, and everything that still means to me, and for all the friends and ‘family’ there whom I still love so much
  • For the way I’ve been able to work and support my family all these years, for clients who have become dear friends, for prosperity and success and sheer fun
  • For you, who take the time to read what I write, for your comments and encouragement

  • For Murphy, who loves me totally and unconditionally, who reminds me every day how truly blessed I am, that its always a good time for a walk, and that every problem seems smaller afterwards
  • And, especially, for all of our brave troops, who put themselves into harm’s way to protect me, my family, and those I love. THANK YOU!