Hurry Slowly

A thought on feedback…


THIS is so worth your time today.

If you’re an air talent, it will help you.

If you’re a Program Director, it will help you.

If you’re a GM, or a corporate executive, or you have a spouse, kids, a family — it will help you.

Criticism constrains. It cuts off possibilities, whereas compliments, encouragement, and even questions expand possibilities. They open you up.”

So, before you speak, ask yourself: “Is this feedback going to help this person move deeper into their voice?

It’s about 10 minutes, and if you listen and don’t find it helpful, feel free to blast me.

It’s just that I work with so many who never hear an encouraging word. Ever.

And as I’ve said before, if we criticized our toddlers the way we criticize each other, none of us would’ve learned to walk, or talk, or try anything new.

So, what outcome do your expect your feedback to produce?

Write it down, and think about the questions your could ask, the encouragement you could offer, to achieve that outcome.

Once you master this, you can help teach your skills to each of your supervisors.

That’s how change actually happens: one person at a time.

I’m feeling better already, aren’t you?