Hunting After Words



We don’t suffer these days from any lack of communication, but rather from all the forces making us say things when we’ve nothing much to say.
That’s a quote from from French philosopher Gilles DELEUZE.
You’re feeling uncomfortable right now because he’s just tapped you on your shoulder.
We are in a business that forces us to talk even when we don’t have much to say.
What do you think liners are?
And because Radio doesn’t really want to pay for people who actually do have something to say, people with enough talent to actually entertain us, to keep us glued to this station for the only content which can be proprietary – the spoken word – they mostly tell you to shut up and talk less.
And even though I can give you names of the best air talent in Radio history, talent who managed to say something worth hearing multiple times each hour over song intros, that’s not really the point – because Radio doesn’t want to pay for those guys either.
We can’t control that, you and I. Those decisions were made 20+ years ago.
But we can control how you communicate with listeners going forward.
What content did you bring into the studio with you today?
What information, what viewpoint, what entertainment, what compelling stories were you prepared to share?
What did you offer that listeners could get nowhere else? What words did you use to touch their hearts, to actually be heard?
And if in earnest you have things to say will hunting after words be necessary?” ~ Goethe, Faust