How You Can Help

A suggestion

Sometimes the best way to help is not to offer advice…

or stories of friends of neighbors who magically found their dream $200,000 job in the classifieds…

or lectures about what might have been, if only you’d done this, or that…

or platitudes about staying optimistic, hanging in there…

Sometimes the best way to help is to tell everyone you know, someone you meet at a Christmas party or neighborhood get-together, someone whose business is not barely hanging on, about your friend…

and encourage that someone you know to give your friend a chance, even though he or she hasn’t ever done that specific job, and may not seem qualified…

because you know your friend is smart, and willing, and desperate.

Because you know your friend can do this job — just about any job — if someone will just give them a chance. Just ignore the resume. And the age. And their doubts.

Because you know your friend needs work, and is past the point of parsing what she might and might not like.

Because you know your friend needs something good to happen. Today.

To restore faith, and hope.

Hope and confidence.

Confidence and belief.

Belief and income.

Because you care.

Because this is something you can do.

So do it. Don’t put it off. Don’t rationalize why you can’t.