How to Increase Cume by 70%

It’s fairly simple, really…

All you have to do is be able to provide live, local information during the Storm of the Century.

According to this article in AllAcess, Hurricane Sandy resulted in local radio increasing listening by 70% during the storm.

What a shock.

When power outages make TV viewing and internet access impossible, good old Radio, in your car or on a little battery-powered transister, saves the day.

I didn’t see any comments from VPs of Programming about hearing too much talk on FM music stations, but I didn’t read the entire article. Still, I don’t think the 5-second, or 7-second or how-ever-many-seconds-it-is rule applied.

Luckily for Radio, we had lots of warning, or all those stations might’ve been in syndicated Delilah or voice-tracked ‘computeradio.’


Hurricane Sandy

Live, 24 hours a day.

Local: talent sitting in your studio, in front of your microphones, with knowledge of your town, no matter what size.

What a concept.