How To Help

And we can all help a little.


Be absolutely anal about social distancing. Stay safely at home. If you aren’t already sick, you cannot know if you’ve been exposed to someone else who doesn’t have symptoms. You may already have the virus and not even know it, so keep others safe by staying safely inside your home.

If you still have a job and aren’t in a financial crisis, support your local restaurants. I’m talking about the ones in your neighborhood. Every time you order food from one, to be delivered safely to your home, you are keeping at least a few more people from desperation.

So choose #OpenForDelivery:

Don’t forget to tip generously. That extra money is absolutely vital right now.

You can give directly, and anonymously to neighbors or former co-workers who may need help HERE.

Support the USBG National Charity Foundation HERE. Learn more HERE.

If you are strong and healthy, reach out to older neighbors to see if you can shop for them or find a way to help without putting them more at risk HERE.

Support the World Central Kitchen “Chefs For America” Covid relief HERE.

Find an individual or neighborhood group to support at Go Fund Me HERE.

Donate to the Restaurant Workers Relief Program HERE.

Help the Food and Beverage Industry Relief efforts HERE. Another support group for the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation HERE.

THIS is a great idea for every city in America. You show support and gratitude for the courage and hard work of our health care workers while also helping keep local restaurants and delivery people working.

MUTUAL AID is a similar program which allows you to target your specific neighborhood or others of special concern in your town.

Find and share inspiring stories of “the helpers” like THIS ONE, from London.

Know someone who lives alone? Now you can watch a movie together, even while apart. Click HERE to learn how.

Create a laugh or two to share with others. The only limits are your creativity. And THIS is very funny, and creative. So is THIS.

De-stress yourself so you can absorb the stress of others. Watch a livestream of the sea otters at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

If you’re having to home school your kids and finding it more than challenging, try THIS site.

Find ways to share your specific talent, no matter what it is, like this:

Take the most popular course at Yale over the past few years FREE: How To Be Happier in Your Daily Life.

Finally, share this, and other information as widely as you can.

Nothing takes your mind off your own troubles like focusing on helping another.


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