How To Avoid Toxic People

5 simple steps:


This is worth your time:

We all know a few people that treat causing grief like it’s a career. It’s as if your life is a video game and they were put here just to make finishing this level harder.”

These aren’t simple jerks or someone having a bad day; these are folks with deep-seated problems. Serious interpersonal dysfunction. Lack of social awareness. And, perhaps most notably, an inability to change.”

“…roughly 15% of people meet the criteria for a personality disorder. And most of them are never diagnosed. Now you’re not a psychiatrist and neither am I, so we shouldn’t run around diagnosing people…”

But we can learn enough to recognize if someone is a “high-conflict person”, reasonably give a diagnosis of “no good for moi” and steer clear of them.”

So what are the three most pernicious flavors of high-conflict people?

Find our for yourself. Read the article HERE.