How Do You Not Feel Pain?

The face of anguish.


It’s hard to watch anguish.

You can see the effect on his co-workers, the discomfort…they weren’t expecting this much emotion.

And they know him, so imagine the impact on all of us watching who don’t.

He didn’t break down like this to help himself, to boost his ratings. He broke down because he’s sharing his anguish at the pain in our nation right now.

It overcame him.

But you tell me: Do you think people are less apt to watch him this coming Saturday?

Do you think most people caught this glimpse behind his personal curtain and liked him less?

It’s scary to reveal who you really are, more so the bigger your audience.

But it’s powerful and it’s the right thing to do when it comes to such an important topic.

We have to do better.”

Kindness and compassion cost us nothing.

We have to be better.

Maybe that’s where it starts.


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