How Do You Deal With School Shootings?

You can’t just ignore this.


I know you’ve been told that your radio station should be an escape from everyday life, that your Morning Show should be funny every time you speak.

I know your GM doesn’t want to be fielding complaint calls and your PD is probably afraid of stirring up any negative reaction because this is one of the most polarized topics in our deeply divided nation.

But you can’t just ignore school shootings. Even when they happen every week.

Especially when they happen every week.

You can’t pretend you live in an alternate universe where bad things never happen.


I’m not going to tell you what to say, but I am here to tell you that you have to say something.

Now, TV works very differently from Radio. You have listeners swimming in and out of your station and your individual show every few minutes.

I don’t think you should devote every break to this topic. But you have to address it personally at least once in your show.

I just believe if you’re really going to connect with your listeners you have to be honest about your feelings.

I think Jimmy’s response is appropriate: What would you do if your child was shot and killed at school? How would you react then?

You have to stand for something because (1) it’s the right thing to do; and (2) it’s the best way to connect on an emotional level.

Not everyone who hears you will agree with what you say, no matter which side you’re on.

But you can’t say nothing and pretend this isn’t happening every week in America.

Not today. Not moving forward.