How Could You?

A lesson in emotional connection

You’ll have lots of reasons not to try.

This may take 5 minutes, and you’re not allowed to go longer than 90 seconds.

This isn’t your kind of content. You’re about funny, not serious. It doesn’t fit your format. It doesn’t fit your style.

But if you read THIS on the air tomorrow, I guarantee it will get more reaction than anything you’ve done this year.

It will be stronger than any song you can play. It will be remembered. It will be shared with family and friends.

You have any other content planned for your show that can do that?

Go ahead. I dare you to read it out loud and not feel.

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*My thanks to Bob Wood, John Derringer’s first PD and one of the best programmers I’ve known. Bob is now a stellar writer and VO artist. Here’s Bob on his talent’s most famous “bit”:

It’s so old. Still so popular. He just stopped down and read it…a long, feeling read (crediting the author). Long pauses while he choked up. So real. So intimate. So EMOTIVE. Derringer couldn’t top this the piece the rest of the show.”

“I think many jocks don’t understand the power they have and the appropriate dosege level. One score, one hit a day is about all they are likely to pull off, so they should save that moment for their best material and realize they can’t hit a home run like this every time.”