How Could You? – On Air

Well done!

Last week, when I wrote about creating emotional content strong enough to be worth remembering and sharing, I knew 99% of you would never make the attempt.

Which is why I am so grateful someone with the talent to prove my point did so.

Listen to THIS.

You want to see what his courage produced in response? Click HERE. And that’s only the direct online comments he got on FB. Think of the calls this produced.

Here’s what Bobby told me about producing this piece for his show:

I teased it starting an hour out by saying, ‘If you have, or ever had, a dog, you’ll want to hear a story I’ll be sharing. It’s going to be difficult to hear but I think it is important.’ At 7:10am, I said, ‘This is your final warning. I’m sharing a heavy story for dog-lovers in 10 minutes. If you can’t listen, I’ll have it posted as a podcast later this morning.”

“Also, I used a generic (Chicken Soup for the Soul) music bed under the story and used a few seconds of just music at the beginning and at the end to set it apart from usual content.”

It is one of the great honors of my career that I got to work with Bobby for a few years. I always thought his Morning Show on B100 in San Diego (the Rich Brothers) was the best I had ever heard. Anywhere.

Bobby is a rare talent; I know that. The best of the best.

But it is partly because his show and his personality are so irresistably positive and warm that this content stood out so starkly.

He knew he would cry reading it.

He allowed every one of his listeners to see a piece of his heart that is personal, not on public display every day.

Listen to Bobby any morning this week for 20 minutes and you will hear totally different content, almost certainly infectiously happy and optimistic, funny and fun.

It is the measure of his talent that he can do both, and make each look so natural.

Thank God we still have him to listen to and learn from.