How Beauty Feels

Not looks, feels


I think this is fascinating, but if you don’t have 17 minutes right now, here’s the key point:

Beauty is incredibly difficult to do and only a few people can do it, and a focus group cannot do it, and a team rarely can do it.”

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Something interesting occured to me the other night as I was showing my wife one of the covers of the new Adele song: My first response to music is based on feeling. I liked this song long before I consciously was aware of any of the lyrics.

Are you like that too?

One of the things I admired about Steve Jobs was his disdain for design by focus group. Jobs believed it wasn’t our responsibility to know what we want before we see, or hear, it. He was willing to shoulder that pressure by himself. And he succeeded because his instincts were true.

I know there is value in listening to outside opinions sometimes, but I also know that nothing remarkable, nothing beautiful, has ever been created by committee.

Your station is your creation. It’s your responsibility to design it to be beautiful every time we listen.

And beauty is about feeling.

Beauty is not about logic and rules and pleasing your VP of Programming.

Want to hear how beauty feels? Close your eyes, and listen…