And I’m not talking about milk

I like to read the Ad Contrarian.

“The influence of huge organizations is always the same: People start to talk alike, then they start to act alike, then they start to think alike.”

“This is not healthy for the ad business nor is it healthy for the people who work in it.”

“We are going through a period that is dangerous for our society and dangerous for democracy. The tide of corporatization and conglomeratization is leading to the concentration of too much power in the hands of too few people.” 

He may be talking about the advertising industry, but we all know it feels the same for the radio industry.

The best radio today is being produced by some of the smallest companies in our business.

I wish our trade publications would give them the same spotlight they offer to the largest consolidated companies, because there is a vital story to tell with a better ending, a different way that would prove healthier for radio’s long-term viability.