Home Run Derby

Swinging for the fences…

Morning shows get into the habit of filling content blocks on their prep grids. It’s the reality of needing so much new content, but by its design, its not really about creating powerful interaction.

It’s defensive in nature, not offensive.

Here’s the problem with that practice: You can’t hit a home run if you’re always squaring off to bunt.

Sometime this season, we’ll see someone in just about every baseball stadium hold up a big sign saying, “Chicks dig the long ball.”

Actually, everyone loves home runs, including PPM!

Home runs are where real passion lives.

I think you need to believe you have the content to hit a home run every time you open the mic. You need to approach the plate — your content breaks — determined to hit it out of the park, or not speak at all.

You won’t succeed every time. No one does.

And I hope GMs and PDs understand that lots of strike-outs are part of hitting lots of home runs.

Because you can’t hit a home run without swinging hard.


But not to swing at all, not to ever try to do more than run out a bunt…

well, that just feels like you’ve already lost, like you’re not playing to win, like you’re not playing “radio” at all.