Holding Hearts In Your Hands

How must THIS feel?


Can you even begin to imagine what this feels like?

You can hear the audience singing from the very first word, long before she asks them to join her.

Here’s the thing…

Adele didn’t write “Someone Like You” knowing it would be the biggest hit in decades.

She wrote it out of her own pain.

She had the courage to be vulnerable and share her failure with the world.

If you don’t think admitting the person you love rejected you takes courage, I invite you to try it.

Earlier this year, I spoke on the power of emotional connection at a Programming conference. I had written the presentation a few years before I gave it (long story), but two days before my talk, my mom died.

When I reached the part about sharing stories of loss, I choked up. My mom’s face flashed before me, and I had to stop speaking for what seemed like several minutes.

It seemed so long, I was afraid someone would rush onto the stage to rescue me, fearing I’d succumbed to stage fright.

It’s hard to bare your soul, admit your vulnerability and pain and loss in front of everyone.

The fact that Adele’s pain resonated so deeply with so many must’ve been overwhelming until she got used to it.

But it must feel great now, don’t you think, knowing she holds so many hearts in her hands.

The more of your real self that you share, the more vulnerable you allow yourself to be, the more possible this kind of feeling becomes.

You won’t know until you try it.

If you need encouragement, call me.

I know whereof I speak.

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