Hiding In Plain Sight

Ken Burns


We, in America, know we have a mental health crisis.

We lead the world in gun violence and mass shootings. They’ve become common daily occurrences. Our leaders often blame mental illness for both of these issues.

We lead the world in prescribing and taking medications for depression.

Teen suicide has been rising annually for decades.

I’m not sure how I missed this when it aired late last month but I did or I would’ve alerted you to it before it aired on your PBS station.

Still, it’s not too late to see this film, delivered in two parts. If you’re a member of PBS, you can stream it right now:

PBS membership is not expensive. You can join for as little as $5 a month, and it instantly opens an amazing library of content for you.

I watch more PBS programming each week than that offered on any other network. Once you experience it, you may too.

Either way, this new film from Ken Burns is something you need to see and share because the first step in solving a problem is understanding and acknowledging the problem.