Here’s Your Show Prep

For tomorrow…


It’s not that difficult to find interesting items to toss out on your show.

It is hard to find them before your listeners do, on their own.

Stuff like:

 THIS from The Hill (Pruitt is just weird)

or THIS (how can this be legal?)

THIS is really, really strange.


Uhhh, be careful with THIS ONE.

Why in the world would he want to do THIS?

More evidence that most of the richest people on earth simply cannot find enough ways to spend their money (subscription may be required).

The Queen’s favorite song? Well, of course it is.

All of these linked stories have something in common.

They’re almost a year old.

Here’s the thing…

we’re all too busy to see every absurd story that’s out there, so stockpile them.

Not every topic needs to be used the day you find it, and sometimes the longer you wait, the fresher they seem.



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