He Wasn’t Alone

She didn’t want him to be alone.


Look for the helpers…there are always helpers…and theirs are the stories we need to share over and over…

From CNN.com

After the shooting, Heather Gooze held Jordan McIldoon’s hand as he died and stayed by his side for hours, contacting his loved ones — even though she didn’t know him.

Gooze said she found McIldoon, a 25-year-old from British Columbia, when he was seriously wounded, and she grabbed his hand as he died.

But Gooze said she wasn’t ready to walk away. She sat with McIldoon’s body for an hour, and picked up his phone when one of his friends called to check in. She was also able to track down his girlfriend — who attended the concert with McIldoon, but got lost from him in the chaos of the shooting — and told her her boyfriend had died.

“I told her, ‘I was here,'” Gooze said. “I go, ‘I promise you, I will not leave him.'”

Something wouldn’t let me run,” she said. “Something wouldn’t let me go.”

Gooze also asked McIldoon’s locked iPhone to “call mom,” and delivered the devastating news to her, too.

“I just didn’t want him to be there alone,” she said through tears. “I didn’t want Jordan to not have somebody with him.”