Hard Times A-Comin’


You can feel it. At least I can.

The anxiety, the concern about what’s going to happen to our country. What’s going to happen to us.

And it seems it has lasted since Covid appeared in all of its shocking lethality in 2020, and daily since the Capitol was stormed and violated on January 6, 2021.

That makes Adam Grant an even more necessary resource. A calm voice to focus on and help tune the raging rants out. A professional who can help you help others you are close to…

Listen to him:

In hard times, urging people to be positive doesn’t boost their resilience. It denies their reality.

People in pain don’t need good vibes only. They need a hand to stay steady through all the vibrations.

Strength doesn’t come from forced smiles. It comes from feeling supported.

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“Of course, there’s a difference between welcoming unpleasant emotions and wielding them as weapons. If you haven’t read Chicken Littles are ruining America, (subs. may be required) it’s a powerful reminder that spreading doom and gloom is a self-fulfilling prophecy. No one needs constant positivity, but everyone needs a sense of possibility.”


Everyone needs a sense of possibility.

Strength comes from feeling supported.

Perhaps you can share this with those you care about, as I am.