No wonder…

Pop quiz: List the Top 20 brand names in the world. I’ll wait…

What did you end up with?

Google? Coke? McDonalds’? Apple?


I’ll be surprised if you didn’t have Apple somewhere on your list.

Apple is one of the hottest brands anywhere.

It’s iPhone and iPods are “category killers” — it’s virtually impossible to compete with either one.

MAC has a whole new line of computers and routinely tops the lists of “most loved” and “most trusted.”

The entire world is anticipating a new Apple tablet device.

Sure, Apple designs wonderful products that are easy and intuitive to use, that are beautiful to look at, and that you’re proud to be seen using.

Yet, Apple’s 2009 ad budget was half a billion dollars!

$501 million dollars to promote brands that are already universally known and loved.

$501 million dollars spent on marketing in the worst economic contraction the world has seen since the Great Depression.

Here’s the kicker: Apple spent about a third of what Microsoft spent, and over $300 million less than Dell spent in 2009.

It’s not just a willingness to spend money to market your products, even when they are already well known and beloved.

It starts with memorable, effective spots that generate interest. You notice Apple spots, every time they’re on, whether it’s the “I’m a MAC” campaign, or the infectiously entertaintaining iPod dancers.

Apple spends a lot of money on placement too. Spots in the World Series aren’t cheap.

Entertaining, memorable spots that are seen lead to word-of-mouth. Great products lead to word-of-mouth. Symbiosis.

If one of the best known, most loved brands in the world spends half a billion dollars marketing that brand in a recession, what’s your excuse for not marketing your product?

Our industry is so short-sighted right now…