Gun Crazy

The movie…


I don’t care whether you blame guns, or the “bad” people who use guns.

32,000 gun deaths a year?

60 shootings alone in the city of Chicago over the July 4th weekend?

I assume these stats don’t include law officer-related shootings.

And let’s finally acknowledge, as we contemplate not only the latest two black men killed by police, but also the officers targeted and murdered in Dallas overnight, that those we pay to protect us must start off assuming that each one of us — each person stopped for faulty tail lights or an illegal turn, each domestic violence call, each person approached for any reason — is armed.

As is proven to us this morning, their lives are literally at stake in every public place they must do their work.

America is awash in guns.

Twice as many guns as there were in 1968. More than 300,000,000 — that’s million — guns in our nation.

Good guys with guns anticipating death from bad guys with guns.

Good guys with guns kill, and get killed, too. That is the America we live in now.

THIS happens almost daily in America, maybe not with the irony in this specific act, but still…

whyhow — can we consider this normal?

We’ve tried the NRA version of the 2nd Amendment. This is the NRA version of the 2nd Amendment.

Why can’t we find the collective will to try something, a first step, in changing this dynamic, in changing the headlines that batter us every single morning?

What is wrong with us?