Not many of us have greatness within us. I certainly don’t have it within me.

But all of us have goodness within us. All of us!

And if we can focus on that, and only that, together we might find greatness.

There’s not a soul alive today that hasn’t suffered.

We’re all damaged goods, dented and banged up, some of us long past our “Use Before” date.

We’re splintered and tribalized, demonizing all the “others,” looking to fight, eager to prove the other wrong.

Yelling so loud we can no longer hear that small, soft voice within that’s begging us to forgive, to remove the log from our own eye before we scream about the splinters in the eyes of the others.

We’re the wealthiest nation on earth, yet every day we pass those without a place to live, many of whom are mentally ill and incapable of self-care, with nary a glance that could pierce our hearts and make us care.

So, how about it?

Can we give up needing to be right for one day? How about for an hour?

Can we just put our collective arms around the sick and weary, the dispossessed, the hopeless, the unloved?

Can we take our eyes off our devices long enough to see the pain that surrounds us?

Can we stop trying to make a point, to win an argument and change a mind, and simply accept and love one another as the God we claim to believe in would have us do?

Can we use the goodness we are born with, collectively, for one great act today?

I will try.

I hope you will too.

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