Good Or Great?

Which are you?


A good air talent doesn’t make many mistakes or take any risks that might cause tune-out.
A great air talent is unpredictable and slightly dangerous and thereby creates tune-IN.

A good air talent can find something interesting to say a few times during their show for those listening closely.
A great air talent shares stories so emotional and compelling they move listeners to joy and tears, creating content that listeners tune IN to hear.

Great air talent always makes us feel.

They target content not at our brains but at our hearts.

Great talent is irreplaceable, unmistakable, and totally original.

Which kind of talent — safe, predictable, easily managed, or risky, unpredictable, sometimes the cause of many complaints — does Radio need more of today?

Is there a radio company trying to find and hire and keep great talent?

Just raise your hand…

there won’t be many.

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