Go Viral the Neuro Way

The 3 keys to viral media

If you’re a regular reader, you know that I believe emotional involvement is the key to building listener/viewer engagement, and that engagement is the key to loyalty.

We are so drawn to emotional content that we ascribe it to our pets and see it in what would otherwise be ordinary pictures.

I’ve found a neuroscience study that backs me up and lays out the 3 keys to creating content that has the ooomph to go viral.

  1. Setting expectations prior to content viewership encourages positive ratings and engagement.
  2. Viewers overwhelmingly respond positively to emotional content.
  3. Do your best to ensure emotionally satisfying conclusions to your content.


Title and headline — the way you start — is important because it sets up expectations.

Your listeners/viewers want emotionally rich content experiences with you. The more superficial you are, the less they will bond with you.

It’s all about the emotional payoff. Know how and when to deliver the exclamation point to your story, and once you’re there, let its power work for you.

When you consistently hit emotional payoff buttons with your audience, they will do your marketing for you.

It’s a simple as that.

If you need help starting, call me, ’cause this is my mission.