Go Mobile for Breaking News

What it means for your station

It’s pretty clear that Radio will never again be the first choice when listeners hear of breaking news.

The terrible tornadoes that struck this spring throughout America showed that Radio may be the best option to pull together people and resources, and even perhaps to save lives, in the midst of catastrophic weather that disables cell phones.

Still, smart phones are the future for your listeners when it comes to finding out details of many breaking news stories.

That’s ok, and we couldn’t change it even if it wasn’t.

It just means you still need to alert your listeners when something big enough happens that you know they need to know.

The more music you play, the more often you need to remind your listeners of your promise to let them know when they need to know something urgent.

Even knowing you’re going to lose their listening for a while, it’s just a promise you have to make — and keep.

And maybe the first way you alert them is on your station, but the second can be via text on their smartphone.

The important thing is making — and keeping — the promise, not the device on which it’s delivered.