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GM Studies Radio Listening

GM Studies Radio Listening

A big sample size too


GM asked buyers of their new cars and trucks if they could track their radio listening in an attempt to better target advertising.

They wanted to know if people who drive a specific GM vehicle tend to listen to the same radio formats and if by using buying Product A, it makes drivers more open to bying Product B. Sort of the way grocery stores give you coupons based on the other stuff you buy at the store.

90,000 drivers in LA and Chicago agreed to the 3-month study.

You can read details on USA Today HERE.

Look, all major advertisers know the limitations of Nielsen’s PPM, just as they understood the inadequacies of diary measurement.

Google provides data to prove the reach of their search advertising. FB does too, even if it measures “seeing” an ad as a 6-second exposure.

Isn’t this GM study something the major consolidated radio companies, in conjunction with the NAB and Nielsen, should be doing?

Isn’t this something Radio should always have been doing, if we cared about our advertisers?

Anything that provides more actionable, quantifiable information to advertisers should be near the top of our action list, right beneath creating a product listeners love.