Is the way to happiness

I was out of town last week as the unprecedented rains fell in Colorado. They created what meteorologists are calling a “thousand-year flood.”

Thursday, I had the chance, finally, to drive to Boulder, and see the damage for myself.

It is still impossible to reach the smaller towns that were devastated by the flood, but what I saw in and around Boulder was enough to persuade me that lots of people here need lots of help.

Colorado, especially on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains, is considered “semi-arid.”

The towns most affected by last week’s flooding are not like those that were built close to the rivers that flood often, if not perenially — the Red River, the Mississippi, the Ohio River.

That means that most of the families affected had no flood insurance. It’s not required here for an obvious reason: we live in a semi-arid climate. It would be like buying hurricane insurance if you live in Montana.

All this to remind you that helping others when the unexpected strikes is what makes us human, and nothing you will do today will make you feel better than giving something, anything, to those who have lost everything.

If you live in Colorado, you can donate time. If you live outside Colorado you can donate money, and spread the word.

Thank you!

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