Getting Smarter

The secret to becoming more creative

One of the biggest issues facing Radio these days is that those few employees remaining inside the building are so over-stretched they are forced to spend time on the urgent and neglect the really important stuff — like making the product better every hour, every day.

Brain researchers have proven that time spent daydreaming will actually increase your creativity. You’ve probably experienced the phenomenon of going to bed worrying about a problem, and waking in the morning with a really good solution. You’ve just let your subconscious brain solve the issue on its own, without your conscious thinking.

There’s nothing I can do to help the staffing problems of radio companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy. And I haven’t had much luck persuading them to spend more resources on things that will actually improve their products — like, giving you time to daydream, listen, and think — if it means they would have to cut their own personal pay.

But I have found research that proves taking a power nap in the middle of your work day will make you smarter. You can call to thank me when you wake up…