Getting Older

Beats the alternative…


Look around you. The world’s population is getting older, almost everywhere.

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In fact, falling birthrates and increasing longevity will make those over the age of 60 the fastest-growing consumer group worldwide for the rest of this century.

Assuming the Mayans weren’t right and everything doesn’t end on December 21 next year…

I realize media buyers don’t seem to get this, but I think we have to keep banging the drum because lots of stations are trying to get younger based on 25-49 demo buys. Hitting the bullseye of the wrong target won’t do you much good.

And, given the global financial collapse (my 401K net worth is approaching my weight) workers will not be retiring as young as they did just a couple of decades ago. If most of the people in those offices are over 60, and you want to win the ratings battle between 9 and 5, it might be useful to play music, and hire talent, they want to hear.

Just a thought.

In virtually all developed countries, it is the mature citizens who control most of the wealth and buying power, yet we design formats and promotions for an ever-younger group.

I know you can’t dictate reality to agencies and manufacturers, but this trend is undeniable.

It’s worth your time to read the report, What Do Mature Consumers Want?