Genius vs Talent

The truth…


Genius is something that lies on the other side of talent… Talent is largely inborn, and in a given field some people have it to a far higher degree than others. Still, in the end, talent is not enough to push you to the highest achievements.”

“Genius has to be founded on major talent, but it adds a freshness and wildness of imagination, a raging ambition, an unusual gift for learning and growing, a depth and breadth of thought and spirit, an ability to make use of not only your strengths but also your weaknesses, an ability to astonish not only your audience but yourself.” ~ Jan Swafford

He was thinking of Beethoven when he wrote that, but it’s just as true for air talent and programmers.

How often do you astonish your listeners?

Have you ever astonished yourself?

If you’ve been blessed with talent, find the inner drive, the tireless ambition, to reach for astonishment every day.

And if you can’t summon it from within, find an external voice who will care enough about you to hold you to the highest standard.

It’s time you raised your bar.