GAP’s Christmas Ad

Love it!


GAP is using this ad only on digital platforms. You will not see it on TV.

That’s a change of strategy. Another change? They created this spot to touch your heart.

Under CMO Alegra O’Hare, who joined San Francisco-based Gap from Adidas in February, the brand is pursuing a more emotional marketing tone for holiday—a departure from the typical jazzy musical numbers of previous campaigns that doubled down on nostalgia. One 60-second anthem spot follows the growth of a young boy, his single mother, and his trusty red Gap hoodie.” ~ Ad Age

Understated and sweet, the ad sells a feeling as much as it sells clothes.

I would love to see more emotional ads for radio stations, and I don’t understand why, at the least, the major groups don’t create some designed only for digital platforms, like Facebook, YouTube and the individual station’s web sites.

If the video is strong enough, like this one above, your own listeners would share it and do your station marketing for you.

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