GaGa Secrets

The Top 3 Lessons from Lady GaGa

It’s impossible to escape the GaGa Phenomenon.

Little Monsters are everywhere, every age, every ethnicity.

And you can learn a lot about making your listeners feel special by watching her.

1. It’s a private club, and membership has its benefits.

Why do people want a black American Express Card? Because they’re not available to just anyone. You have to be invited to apply. Exclusivity automatically confers status, and we are a status-worshipping society.

Lady Gaga goes out of her way to give her most ardent fans special access to her. Famously, she calls one or two on their cell phones during her concerts and invites them to join her for a drink after her shows. Right there on stage. That’s the whole point. She confers status on them in front of everyone.

2. She is like them and makes them know she feels like them.

It’s impossible to be more weird, more of an outcast, more unacceptable than GaGa, and she not only accepts weirdness from her fans, she encourages it. The message is — again — that you belong, because she is like you and if everyone loves her, everyone must love you. Acceptance is a powerful feeling, especially to those who have never felt it.


3. She delivers a powerful experience to every member of her club.

Put simply into radio terms, she has compelling content, every break, every hour, every day. She doesn’t have “off” nights. She doesn’t have bad breaks. She doesn’t ever disappoint.

You think that stage show happens without months of preparation? You think she feels like entertaining her ass off night after night in city after city?

GaGa worked like a maniac to get noticed, and since then she’s worked even harder.

Are you willing to pay the price for that kind of excellence, every show, every day?