It’s a beautiful thing

If PPM has taught us anything credible it is that listeners are constantly coming and going, like the traffic you see at your local grocery store.

Yet most show are paced more like a fine restaurant, which turns over tables at a much slower rate.

Every time you speak you have a fresh opportunity to make an impact.

If you’re still producing content designed for long-form consumption, like reading a book or watching a TV show, you’re missing a unique gift Radio provides.

Sure, there will be days when the content theme threads its way through hours rather than minutes. That’s always a good thing, because it means your listeners have been engaged sufficiently to keep responding.

Still, what will you bring to me, the listener, right now, that I can’t get from any other source?

It can’t be information. It can’t be music.

It must be YOU, something unique to your perspective, or your delivery, or your energy and optimism.

I hear the opportunity in every market I visit, around the world, and it is always in the arena least visited: emotional engagement.

Every time you speak, you have a fresh opportunity to be heard, to be remembered, to be remarkable.

Are you preparing with that in mind?