Freedom Summer

I remember…

You may be too young to have lived through this but I remember.

A friend asked me recently why so many Americans, especially minorities, are so concerned about the changes in voting laws throughout (mainly) southern states.

This is why:

You can watch the whole show on

Lest we forget…

Voting is an absolute right as a citizen, and it should be easier to vote, not harder.

In Colorado, where I live, we receive mail-in ballots a couple of weeks before our elections. Each ballot has its own QR code which is scanned to prove authenticity and which can only be counted once. Fraud — widespread fraud — which is the reason most Republicans give for restricting voting access, is impossible with this system.

And, we should note, there is NO evidence of widespread voting fraud in the 2020 election, or any other national election in American history. It’s a fake issue originated to protect one man’s fragile ego and now being used to make it possible to disenfranchise tens of millions of our citizens in order to change the outcome of future elections.

After we have marked our ballots in Colorado, we can either mail them, or drop them off into a locked, protected ballot box, close to our home.

Controlling access to voting has been — and is now — a real issue in our nation. Some of us remember how it was used to make America less democratic. We must not go back to those days. Too many fought too hard, too many gave their lives, for that to happen.

Watch Freedom Summer and then encourage your friends and family members to watch it too.

Then call your Congressional and State representatives and insist they support universal suffrage.

Make no mistake: Democracy itself is on the ballot this year.