Ford Gets It

The Fiesta Movement

This is a great idea, and I, for one, would’ve never expected an American car company to figure out a really cool and effective way to use social media.

But Ford did.


So, what do you think would happen if you gave 20 listeners a Flip video camera and had them post one new video each week for 12 weeks to their Facebook and Twitter pages, and YouTube?

The only qualification would be that it has to be local, and it has to fit the theme you choose, which would obviously support your station’s brand.

Best video, as measured by number of views throughout social media, wins a big cash prize, say $5000.

It’s a very small investment for the potential payoff.

And I bet you’d be surprised at how many great videos are posted that plug your station, but in their words and through their eyes.

Which is important, because we know word of mouth is a wonderful marketing tool, and while no listener believes anything we claim about our stations anymore (thanks to decades of manipulation and outright lies) they do believe their friends.

What do you think?

If you do this, I would love to know so I can follow your progress and post the results.

Make 2010 the year you leverage social media to build a closer, more emotional connection with your listeners and their friends.