For Sama

In the end…


It aired on Frontline, a PBS program, Tuesday night. And it’s a featured interview which you can read HERE from the NY Times (subs. may be required).

If you’re a member of PBS, you can watch it on demand. If you’re not, the full documentary is available many place: YouTube, and Amazon.

In the end, what we will be judged for is the ease with which we allowed ourselves to be distracted.

It took only the trivial to coax us to avert our gaze: the lines of Americans waiting to buy the new $1000 iPhone; Super Bowls, and Twitter taunts, and dog videos on Facebook…

We look to the past and so easily fault those who merely looked away while millions of Jews were rounded up and murdered.

We hear that America has abandoned the Kurds, that Trump has left Syria to Putin and the Russians, and then check out who ate what on Instagram while we wait to watch The Masked Singer.

Distraction. All the distraction.

But in the end we can’t forgive ourselves because we know our decision was a conscious one. We — Ichose to look the other way.

We weren’t forced.

We just couldn’t be bothered enough to care.