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For Every Laugh

For Every Laugh


For every laugh, there should be a tear.

Who do you think said that?

I’ll tell you this: He knew how to entertain people. He knew how to move people emotionally.

He knew how to connect with the hearts of millions of individuals as if each was the only person he was thinking about.

How about you? How about your radio show?

What’s your goal each day as you first step into that studio?

What have you prepared to meet that goal?

How hard do you push yourself to spark excellence each and every day?

God bless those among us gifted with the ability to consistently make others laugh and forget their troubles for a bit.

But the best of all the gifts is empathy, it’s the ability to feel what others feel — and to help them feel what they might not feel without YOU.

Use every color in your palette today, not just red, and not just blue. Use them all.

Make me laugh and make me cry. Just make me feel.

Oh, and by the way, that quote is from Walt Disney.