There’s a lot of need right now.

Puerto Rico. Yemen. Mexico. Houston. South Sudan. Santa Rosa. Bangladesh. Syria. It seems like the list grows each week.

Each need is urgent. Each is worthy of your compassion and cash.

But this is a little different. This is about an individual person, a child.

And by helping this one child, you may save the lives of so many others.

Can you share this video on your station web site today?

Can you share it on your station FB page right now?

Can you share it with every individual person on your friends list and ask them to do the same?

Can you send your tithe this week to save a life? How about 10% of your tithe? How about what you’d spend eating out one night this week?

We know the answer. You know the answer. Of course we can.

Don’t wait, because waiting makes it too easy to do nothing at all and claim you forgot.

Act now while you’re feeling a tiny bit of what Finn’s parents are feeling.

Click HERE, please.


You can do this. Please do this.


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