Finding Yourself

The answer to “Why?”


Why did you get into Radio?

What made you seek that first radio job?

Did you see yourself running a huge media empire, like Rupert Murdoch?

Did you see yourself becoming a billionaire, like Mark Cuban?

Did it seem like an easier job than selling vacuum cleaners or used cars?

Maybe you did it on a whim, to meet girls or guys or seem cool.

I can’t speak for Sales types because I never sold air time.

I can’t claim lofty purpose led me to that first on-air job. It seemed easy, and fun.

But as must be true with every job once you’re doing it, routine sets in. Every shift isn’t fun.

There’s a reason they have to pay people to do the work.

Still, I want you to think about the first time you said something on-air that caused a listener to call.

To call you.

I’m not talking about requests or contests. I’m talking about someone who called because they felt you were speaking directly to them.

I’m talking about that very first time you forged an emotional connection with someone merely listening to your voice.

I’m talking about the words you used to make them feel you were speaking to them.

Remember that?

Did you say something that changed a life? Did you find a way to save a life?

Did you manage to break through despair and grief and hopelessness and help create a smile?

Did someone find hope and comfort and strength to carry on in those few words you said between those two songs?

Isn’t that what’s kept you in this business? Isn’t that what brings you back every day?

Find that part of yourself today and set it free.

You see, listeners’ needs haven’t changed. Anxiety and grief and hopelessness hasn’t disappeared.

Weariness and struggle and self-doubt is still present, in every car speaker, in every office cubicle.

You know you can help. You know, because you’ve done it before.

Why did we ever think we didn’t need to really speak to listeners’ needs?

Think of them and you’ll find yourself again.

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