Fear Kills Your Voice


Every brand – including you, because you are a brand whether you know that or not – is in the story business.

Many brands never get this. They believe people will be drawn to better products so they just put it out there and wait for success to arrive.

It rarely does.

Please don’t misunderstand: your story is never the biggest part of your product.

Salt is never the biggest part of any dish, but if it’s missing, even a little bit, the experience of eating the dish is never great.

Story is salt.

Story leads to an emotional bond that’s hard to break once established.

But most of us are afraid to tell our true story, to use our true voice.

We fear judgment. We fear rejection. We fear humiliation and failure.

Still, telling your story in your authentic voice so another human being doesn’t just hear it, but feels it, is all about letting go of that fear.

You will be criticized. You will be judged. Some will reject you.

Count on it.

But you can learn to let go. You can learn to give a shit about what people you will never meet think about you.

In fact, you have to if you want real success.

Do you know the number of times I’ve told really good air talent, “I don’t need you to sound more like him or her. I need you to sound more like YOU!”

Look, if this was easy, everyone would be doing it.

It’s hard. It never feels good to be criticized or rejected. It always hurts.

But it’s the only way.

And I know people, good people who have been amazingly successful, who can help you create your new story.

Shoot me an email and I’ll put you in touch with a few of them.