Father’s Day

I love you, Dad

If you know my dad, you know some of his story.

He’s definitely gotten his money’s worth out of life.

A member of The Greatest Generation, he sold apples and ate dandelion soup during the Great Depression; he survived 11 months as a POW in Leipzig, Germany after being shot down during a bombing mission in WWII;his POW camp was the inspiration for the film, The Great Escape; he lost 80 pounds as a prisoner of the Nazis, contracted TB, endured a forced march during a terrible winter, and buried comrades, but somehow never lost his faith or his sense of humor.

He turned his back on a Harvard MBA to become a missionary, raised three kids in Malaysia, earned a BA in Education during a furlough, then his PhD in Psychology after retirement.

Tough enough to survive in the toughest of times, yet tender enough to cry when he talks about God’s grace.

Flawed, funny, generous, optimistic, grateful, and adventurous…a great man.

I’m proud to call him “Dad” and I’m so glad we just got to spend a week together this month. He’ll be 87 this December.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you.