Far From Home

This is beautiful!


Another week, another strong contender for Best Christmas Ad. This one’s from the UK.

It opens in the Philippines, as a little girl welcomes her father home from a trip abroad. He’s brought her a Mickey Mouse doll.

The spot then shifts forward 40 years, to the present and somewhere far from the Philippines.

That little girl is now a grandmother who desperately misses her native home.

Here, watch…

I love those few seconds of silence in the middle. Unexpected silence for 2-3 seconds is something most air talent can use to great effect.

I love the emotion behind the story. Her memories caused me to think of my memories of days past.

Christmas can do that to us, especially this Christmas, when our world is so unsettled, when so many have lost so much.

This campaign will also be a fund raiser for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Disney is the largest wish-granter in the world, granting over 140,000 wishes since it’s first, in 1940.

You can purchase a plush Mickey Mouse doll just like this one in the spot with 25% of the proceeds going to the Foundation.